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July 17, 2017

Bodie Mitchell | A Birth Story

At 6:30 on Friday morning, my brother, Seth, called me to say that Stacey’s contractions were six minutes apart & they were headed to the hospital. By 7:00, he was calling me again to tell me they thought Bodie was going to be here SOON!

When I got to the hospital, they were still monitoring Stacey & hadn’t moved her over to labor & delivery yet. Her contractions were steady & coming every three to four minutes. It was a busy baby day at the hospital, so this phase seemed like it was taking a long time!

Both Grandmas & I went to the waiting room while they moved her over to L&D, & we waited for them to give her an epidural before we went in. It had been a couple of hours & the anesthesiologist was still in a surgery, & Stacey’s labor was progressing quickly. We heard her from the waiting room & it was so hard hearing the pain she was in & knowing all she could do was wait.

Finally, the anesthesiologist got there & put in her epidural just in time for her to give birth! Seth texted us at 10:56 saying, “Come now. Room 7. 9.5cm.” We ran down the hall so fast, quite a few nurses tried to stop us, haha! The anesthesiologist was still in the room when we got there & the doctor wasn’t there yet, but the nurses were preparing to deliver this baby! Her doctor got there around 11, & after three good contractions, she was holding Bodie Mitchell in her arms at 11:12am.

Four and a half years ago, Stacey gave birth to Carson Seth at the same hospital, with the same people surrounding her. It was the first birth I ever witnessed, & the experience is truly what drove me to be a birth photographer. When Carson was born, he was five weeks early & his umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck. He came out grey & silent, & was immediately rushed off to the NICU where he stayed for 8 days. It was hard & scary & confusing.

On Friday morning, the Lord gave Seth and & Stacey an experience they’ve never gotten to have.

He was pink. He was screaming. He was placed on her chest & left there to snuggle. His daddy cut his chord, & his mama nursed him right away.

It was exactly what they needed.

After Bodie was born, his big brother Carson was SO ready to meet him! He had been waiting for his little buddy to come out of mommy’s tummy & when he woke up that morning & his Gampy told him mommy & daddy had gone to the hospital, he said, “I think Bodie is coming today!” 🙂

When Carson came into the room, he washed his hands & was ready to roll… until he saw Bodie in mommy’s arms. He was crushed. Not because there was a new baby, but because he wanted to watch Bodie come out of mommy’s belly. 🙂 He is so sweet & tenderhearted.

After a few minutes, he opened up & gave Bodie a kiss, & that was the start of the best friendship he will ever have.

We spent the rest of the day ooh-ing & ahh-ing over the sweetest babe, & it was the best kind of family time.

I am so thankful for Bodie Mitchell & can’t wait to watch this precious boy grow.



  1. Mama Baker

    July 17th, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    Precious story and beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations and love you all bunches!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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