258.2 | Working Hard for Onederland

When I shared my weigh in on Instagram last night, I wrote that I almost didn’t post about it this week, because I feel like a one pound loss is almost laughable. Not for everyone – but for me! I knew that I didn’t work hard last week, & I knew that I wasn’t going to be thrilled with the number on the scale. But I started this public journey for accountability, & if I’m not transparent in both the good weeks & the bad, there’s no point in doing this! So here I am!

This week was TOUGH! With gearing up for mini sessions & dealing with mega stress and anxiety, I ate my feelings in excess, as always. And unless I make a real change in the way I handle stress, this will be my story every week!

So, I’m working on getting my booty going instead of shutting down when I’m overwhelmed, reaching for healthy snacks instead of junk food when I need something, & most importantly – giving my worries to God – ALL of them!

We’re going through a difficult time right now with job situations, & while I sometimes wish I would have waited to start this journey once that was squared away, I know that there will always be  s o m e t h i n g  giving me an excuse to “start next Monday.”

So we’ve got our gym dates scheduled for this week & our meals on the right track – I’m working toward a bigger loss next week!

Starting weight : 261.4

Current weight: 258.2

Goal weight: 160