252.2 | Working Hard for Onederland

A losssss!! 🙂

We’ve been working so hard this week & it has paid off for both me & Sebastian! I’ll tell ya – the “no bread” thing lasted until lunch on Monday, so I didn’t reach that goal, but I don’t think it was a good one for me to set so early on. I’m still trying to teach myself discipline in eating at home! Maybe I’ll eventually cut out bread – I hear it makes your joints feel good!

This past Monday, Sebastian & I started walking a mile at night. We’re hoping to bump that number up in the weeks to come, but it’s become my favorite part of the day. We’re in a season of life where Sebastian is working a lot a lot a lot, & while we are SO thankful for the hours he’s getting, I do miss him when he’s not around. These little walks are just what I need with my best friend.

We honored First Responders at Chr1st Fellowship Church yesterday! I was born into a police family, & it’s something I’m so very thankful for. In this day & age, there are a lot more cop haters than supporters, & it’s scary to think about all that has happened/can happen to the men & women in blue. If you see a police officer, take a second out of your day to say “thank you” to them. Maybe even buy their coffee or donuts! 😉

This is going to be another busy week leading up to an Outer Banks wedding we’re shooting on Saturday! Can’t wait to celebrate with two of the sweetest people around! 🙂

Starting weight: 261.4

Last weigh-in: 256.2

Current weight: 252.2

Goal weight: 160