Paul & Cheyenne | Pregnancy Announcement!

Ohhh, this session! I shared the best part on Facebook last week, but I had to blog their whole session!

We had the honor of shooting Paul & Cheyenne’s wedding last October, & I was so so (so so so!) excited when Cheyenne email me a couple of weeks ago saying she was PREGNANT! What made that email even better was that she hadn’t told Paul yet, & wanted to tell him during a photo session! AH!

They don’t live locally & actually traveled here for what Paul thought was an anniversary session. Traffic was worse than normal & we were both running late. We were losing daylight, but there was no waaaay we were rescheduling – Cheyenne had already kept this BIG secret from Paul for too long!

When they got to the park, we powered through some sweet, anniversary-type pictures, then headed over to a little field to do the big reveeeal!

Cheyenne told Paul that they were both going to write three things that they loved about each other on a little chalkboard. They would stand back-to-back, & then would turn around & read each other’s signs! She wanted Paul to go first so that she had time to read his three things, & she would flip hers around next.

Paul’s was so sweet, reading: “She understands me! She loves me! She completes me! My Love, My Life, My EVERYTHING!”

When Cheyenne turned her sign around, Paul was speechless as he read the words: “We’re having a BABY!”

AHH! It was such a happy, teary-eyed, exciting time. They gave each other the longest hug, & finished up the session getting Paul caught up on all the pregnancy things. 🙂

Paul & Cheyenne, I’ve told you before & I’ll tell you again & again & again – I am SO thankful for you! You’ve done nothing but love, support, & encourage me (& my family!), & it means so much to me that you would make the trip here to do this session with me. I’m so excited for y’all & can’t wait to meet Baby Brothers next year!! 🙂