Two Years | A Life with the Browns

October 3, 2015 – the best day. <3

Sebastian & I dated for five years before he proposed to me on a perfect Friday night. We knew we didn’t want a long engagement, so we sat down with my parents, looked at the calendar, & liked the ring “October 3rd” had to it.

We planned an outdoor reception at the church we would be married in – music, lawn games, Christmas lights – the whole shebang! Unfortunately, we got hit with a hurricane the weekend of our wedding & had to move everything to a school gym THE DAY BEFORE! I was too much of an optimist to have a Plan B – don’t be like me. 😉

We had our rehearsal & then headed straight for the school – everyone rallying around us to make sure our day would be perfect. Sebastian left with his guys right before midnight so that he didn’t see me on our wedding day until I was walking down the aisle. I remember being a big ball of tears as he kissed me goodbye saying, “Next time I kiss you, we’ll be married!”

Married. Something we waited so long for. Something we fought for, & prayed for, & hoped for, & dreamed of. I posted on Instagram that night, “I never want to forget the way I feel tonight.”


After pouring rain for days prior (hello, hurricane!), we woke up on our wedding day to clear, blue skies. I will never, ever forget God’s faithfulness to us that day!

My girls & I got ready in a church across the street, music playing, stress escaping. I felt so care-free – like nothing could bring me down. My mom had worked tirelessly to make this day more than I ever could have dreamed. I wore my mama’s train, we had family & friends from Chicago & Florida & China who all came home just for us, the Lord had given us the best weather, & soon – so soon – I would be able to call Sebastian my husband.

I did a first look with my daddy & SOMEHOW managed to not mess up all of my makeup (Thanks, God!). My brothers came over to hug me one last time, & then we headed across the street – it was time!

We knew if my brother, Seth, sang “Butterfly Kisses” while we were in the room, it would be game over for both me & my dad. So he sang it before we walked in, & I stood on the other side of the doors bawling my eyes out – daddy’s girl for life over here!

The doors opened, & just like that, I held onto my daddy’s arm & walked straight to my future. I cried, Sebastian cried, our family & friends cried.

We agreed that the ceremony was our favorite part of the day! From the music, to the message, to that first kiss – we would relive that half an hour every day if we could.

Our reception was perfect, & our trip to Williamsburg that night as newlyweds just seemed surreal. We honeymooned in Gatlinburg & started our lives as husband & wife!

We had a beautiful wedding, but I’m so thankful that it didn’t stop there – for two years now, we’ve had a beautiful marriage. One with ups & downs, frustration, joy, sorrow, happiness, struggles, & victories. We’ve had seasons where it seems like nothing could ever go wrong, & seasons where we just wish something would go right. We’ve bought a house, gotten a dog, & are praying for a baby whenever the Lord is ready to give us one. I’m thankful for this marriage.

Sebastian is patient & kind & caring & compassionate & supportive & gentle & loyal & all the things that love should be. He leads us closer to the Lord, & shows me grace daily. I don’t deserve his love, but I’m so so thankful the Lord saved him for me.

Happy Anniversary, my love. I’m so glad you’re mine. <3


Big, huge ‘thank you’ to Amanda Hedgepeth Photography for capturing our day so perfectly!!