2017 Police Kids Portrait Story

Ahh, I am so happy to finally share this with you!

The Police Kids Portrait Story is something we started back in 2016 when my friend, Rebekah, came up with the idea to show the world that our officers are so much more than just cops. Rebekah’s late husband, Brian, was killed in the line of duty in 2014 & she has continued to be an advocate & never-ending source of support & encouragement for law enforcement officers!

This project means so much to me. It is a way for us to share with the world the HEARTS behind these officers’ badges, along with an opportunity to show our own love & support for a group of selfless people who a lot groups deem undeserving.

These LEO’s suit up with a badge on their chest & a gun on their hip, but they are still human. They are husbands & wives, parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, & friends who are just trying to do their job. They leave their families to protect yours, not knowing if they’ll make it back home at the end of their shift. They are more than just cops – they are HEROES!

Next time you see a police officer, let them know that they are doing a great job. That they are appreciated & they are loved.

I want to share a poem with you all that my mom, Anne Marie Amos, wrote from my brother’s prospective, right after my dad was shot in the line of duty.


She titled it: Angels in Blue

We must not forget to thank our Lord for police officers on the street.

For they work in a world with little respect & have many duties to meet.

Hoping for each day, justice & peace to prevail over lawless foe,

Our officers put their lives on the line to protect & serve, we all know.

Not too long ago, my dad & his partner were responding in pursuit

Of two lawless men who were dealing drugs; they split up, our officers, too.

As drugs were recovered with his partner’s win, my dad was closing on prey.

In the blink of an eye, my daddy was shot in the chest & in the leg.

As he fell to the ground expecting more shots, he received complete help from above.

As he lifted his arms & had sights on his foe, he squeezed the gun in his glove.

At the very same time, the foe shot again, hoping my dad would just die.

If he’d only just known what I knew from the start, my dad serves the living Christ.

The bullet my dad shot went straight to foe’s chest, the second to the foe’s head.

The last bullet the foe shot at my dad has yet to be found, so is said.

My dad is recovering now from the wound inflicted while doing his job.

His partner’s now looking for other foe & is caring for Dad & us all.

Now, I not only thank the Lord for police officers on the street.

I thank the Lord for protecting their lives & the victories of which they speak.

Next time you kneel & say your prayers, I ask this request of you:

Please don’t forget to thank the Lord for police officers, our Angels in Blue.


We stand with you, we love you, we are thankful for you, & we are praying for you!


If you’re interested in participating in our 2018 Police Kids Portrait Story, we’ll be having it on September 15th & 16th! Registration is open if you’d like to go ahead & snag your spot early! 🙂 Once you’re registered, you’ll be added to a private facebook group where more info/ideas will be shared among all participating! 🙂 You can see all of the detailed info at the link HERE!: http://photographybyhannahgrace.bigcartel.com/product/police-kids-portrait-story

I’ve been asked if I would do a portrait story for other professions & the answer is YES! If you’re interested in setting up a portrait story, shoot me an email! 🙂