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May 31, 2018

Session Spotlight!

Two weeks ago, I ran a special for police week that was different than anything I’d ever done. Along with offering a discount on sessions, I partnered with two other creatives to provide a special police-related gift bag to everyone who took advantage of the special, as an added way to say “thank you” for all that they do for our community!

During that week, I decided that I wanted to offer Session Spotlights to a few different industries who put their lives on the line for us, who work tirelessly for us, & who often are overlooked & underpaid.

SO! For the next few weeks, I’ll be going through FOUR different Session Spotlights!

June 1st – June 8th : Fire & EMT

June 8th – June 15th : Military

June 15th – 22nd : Teachers

June 22nd – June 29th : Nurses

I am a firm believer than EVERYONE plays an intricate part in making the world go ’round. I think there are more everyday heroes than we can count, & everyone deserves to be loved & appreciated for all that they do! I think that the CEO of Amazon is just as important as the employees who work in the warehouse, and the janitor who keeps everything clean, & the childcare providers who keep the kids safe so their parents can go to work & provide for their family. Without mechanics, we wouldn’t have working cars. Without HVAC technicians, we wouldn’t have cold AC in the summer & warm heat in the winter. Without the Team Members at Chick-fil-A (& all fast food restaurants), we wouldn’t have quick, easy, delicious food when we’re on the run. Cashiers & counselors & coaches & doctors & construction workers & stay at home mamas – I could go on & on & on because I truly believe that EVERYONE is important & so so so NEEDED!

I wish that I could do a Session Spotlight for each & every profession! Unfortunately, there are just SO MANY, I’m not able to cover them all. However, I do feel led to do a spotlight on these five professions (including police which we just did!) because of the sacrifices they make for our community as a whole.

The Fire & EMT spotlight kicks off TOMORROW, so be on the look out on our facebook & instagram for all of the special information!! 🙂 I can’t wait to love on a few different groups who don’t often get much “thanks” from those around them. Would you join with me in doing something special for these people? 🙂