Nancy & Joe | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Nancy & Joe are a sweet, laid back couple from Michigan! They love to explore new places, & when choosing a destination to tie the knot, they decided Virginia Beach would be the perfect spot! They’d never been here before, which just proves their love for adventure is real & strong. <3

The week of their ceremony was WET! Downpours at all hours of the day, sunny one minute – raining the next. When I got to the beach, the skies were dark, but it didn’t hinder their moods in the slightest!

We headed down to the water to go ahead & get their portraits out of the way incase it DID rain, but the Lord ended up moving those clouds to the side & giving them a perfect sunset for their best day! With their closest family surrounding them, they promised each other forever.

When we were walking back to the parking lot, the most gorgeous double rainbow appeared in the sky. It was the perfect way to end their day!!

Nancy & Joe – thank you for choosing me to capture these memories for you!! Y’all were so fun to work with, & I hope if you’re ever down this way again, you’ll let me know!! 🙂